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Certified in Pet Massage

Benefits for the Animal: 

  • Increased emotional bond with human giver, possibly overcoming emotional barriers

  • Lessening of pain and pain response (limited movement, limited emotional/physical release, anxiety, fear or aggression)

  • Healing of physical injury by breakdown of scar tissue and lessening of contracture

  • Relaxation and calming

  • Release of stress

  • Increased blood flow to vital organs

  • Stimulation of central nervous system

  • Stimulation of endocrine system

  • Increased metabolism Increased peristaltic activity (intestinal activity)

  • Release of histamine (an organic nitrogen compound involved in local immune responses as well as regulating physiological function in the gut and acting as a neurotransmitter)

Types of Massages: 

  • Relaxation Massage 

  • Classic Massage

  • Myofacial Release Massage 

  • Deep Tissue/Sports-Recovery Massage 

  • Shiatsu Massage/Paw-Working

  • Palliative Care/Pathway/End-of-Life Massage 

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