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Hello all my supporters for those who didn't already know I am pregnant (31 weeks as of today (April 13th 2022). As of this time I will NO longer be accepting new clients till I'm back on my feet after the baby.

For current clients here are some FAQs I've been getting to let you all know.
1) When are you going on maternity leave? ANSWER- I don't know when I'm going on "maternity leave", right now still doing well on my feet and working with you all. I'll make that decision a little closer based on feedback from my doctor.
2) What happens with our sessions? ANSWER- If you have any sessions left you will not lose them, they will just be on hold till I'm back.
3) Do you know what you are having? ANSWER- Yes! We are having a little girl.
4) Do you need anything? ANSWER- I appreciate all the support from everyone but our family has gotten more than what we need for this little girl.
5) Are you still offering pet sitting during your leave? ANSWER- Yes, we will still be offering that service for you guys while I'm at home. 

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